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Pive - Palm Internals ViEwer.

About Pive

This application was started as feature editor. Short after I started the development,  I decided that  it would be logical to provide also viewing  and editing  resources and records form Palm data bases.  At this stage I registered its name:  Pive for  Palm Internals  Viewer/Editor.  Unfortunately, I am too busy for implementing editing,  and having viewer only is safer.  After all,  the source code is available and you are encouraged to make it better.

Pive was developed in Linux 2.4 using PRC-Tools 2.0.92, PalmOS SDK 4.0 and PalmOS Emulator v 3.4.b8.
Pive 1.0 was released in early February 2002. Palm 1.0.1 (March 2002) and 1.0.2 (March 2004) have minor bug fixes.

Pive is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL).

How Pive works

Pive presents Palm data hierarchically, according to my philosophy on PalmOS architecture (which to be honest is different from  the one  used by PalmOS developers). It starts with the list of all creator IDs  available to the system. You can select a creator and get a list of all features and data bases for it.  Further on you can select a data base in the DB list and get list of all  its resources or records.  Finally, you select a resource/record and can  view its content. That's it. Pive also provides DB info  form where you can see DB properties, view App Info and  SortInfo blocks.

Pive provides an online help, however  it is not meant to teach you  PalmOS: preliminary  PalmOS knowledge is expected.

Minimum requirements:

System: PalmOS 2.0
Storage: 75K




Download Pive 1.0.2

Precompiled Application (27k):
Source (75K): pive-1.0.2.tar.gz


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