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Cross number puzzle generator for Palm and compatibles

XFig Prfeview

XFig puzzle is similar to crossword but with numbers instead of words.  There are two types of entries: horizontal (across) and vertical (down), while each entry is provided with a clue. To solve a puzzle you need to find consistent answers to all its clues. The application provides various customised view and puzzle generation options.

This implementation is inspired by  X-Figure program for MS Windows developed in mid 90s by  Alan Shaw.

XFig is designed to suit any device running PalmOS 3.5+ and is PalmOS 5 compatible. Colour screen is a substantial advantage, though not necessary.

Developed by Palmcrust (Australia) .   Author Michael Glickman


To download the package click the following link:

XFig version 1.0.2,   excutable(.prc)  and manual (.pdf) compressed as .zip

To read XFig manual click here:  XFig manual (.pdf)


To purchase XFig click one of the following links:
Handango (tm)
XFig @ PalmGear  
XFig @ pdassi

Maintained by Michael Glickman