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A dot-crossing board game
J2ME release



At each move a player crosses one, two, or three adjacent dots that haven't been crossed previously. A player who gets a position with only one non-crossed dot looses. The implementation allows to modify rules in the following ways:

Hardware requirements

Designed to suit any J2ME compatible device with at least  50K memory for a MIDlet and minimum screen size 96x64.. Though colour is an advantage, but the application supports monochrome screen as well. With touchscreen devices you can use stylus, otherwise keypad can be used.


The following packages include JAR,  JAD and the manual in pdf format. The manual can be also downloaded separately.

Installation package 77K:
Manual only 37K:

This site does not support OTA . For OTA installation go to Handango

Manual Online

To read the manual online click one of the following links:  PDF   HTML


The applcation can be purchased from one of the following sutes:
Nokia Software Market
Mymobidog Soft2buy Mobile2day

Maintained by Michael Glickman