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A Challenger
® cross-number puzzle generator and solver
For Java® mobile devices
 Nokia 3510 preview
Nokia Series 30
Nokia 7210 preview
Nokia Series 40
Siemens S55 preview
Siemens S55

XnX (Cross-Number matriX) a cross-number puzzle, similar to the Challenger® puzzle that appears in some newspapers. According to Brian McBride,  Challenger 'is a syndicated feature of King Features Syndicate, Inc. King Features Sindicate Logo '. The development was inspired by X-num, a PalmOS Freeware by Roderick Young.

The puzzle represents a square table where most of cells are left blank, and the sums are specified for each row, column and both diagonals.  To solve the puzzle you need to place a digit from 1 to 9 in each blank spot so that all sums match.

Stardard Challenger® puzzle has 4 rows and columns. This application allows to vary number of columns from 3 to a maximum number that fits the screen. You can either generate a puzzle, or enter your own puzzle. A custom puzzle is checked for consistency (must have at least one solution). The application can bring up to 500 solutions of a puzzle (entered or generated). You may require a single-solution puzzle to be produced, in which case a minimum possible number of preset elements will be added to a generated puzzle.

An unregistered copy has limitations, viz. time limit, can't solve a custom puzzle.

Minimum Requirements:
Screen size: 96 x 64
MIDlet suit size: 50KB


Current version is 1.0.0

All compressed files include descriptor (jad), classes (jar) and manual (pdf).  You can also download the manual separately, or read it online. To download the application via WAP OTA (some devices won't get it otherwise), or purchase the product, use Handango® link.

X#X standard release, requires screen size 120x120 or more.
In particular suits Motorola T720, Motorola A830,  Sony Ericsson, Sharp GX-10

X#X small screen release, requires screen size 96x64 or more. Suits Siemens and some Motorola devices..

X#X for Nokia Series 40 and 60 (screen size 128x128, or more) , e.g. 7210, 6610, 6100, 7250, 6650, 3650, 7650.

X#X for Nokia Series 30 (screen size 96x65) and at least 50KB MIDlet suit, e.g. 3410, 3510i, 3585, 8910

The manual (PDF zipped)

Manual online:

Read manual online:    PDF format       HTML format


The algorithm is discussed in the manual. Click here to get straight to the point.


Roderick Young's  X-Num:
Briad McBride's Challenger® Puzzle Solver:
Palmcrust® (who we officially are):

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