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Xr0w - a simple and challenging board game

Symbian release  (Nokia 9200 and Quartz)

This is a port of my PalmOS game .  This release targets Nokia 9200 and Symbian Quartz compatible devices.

This  release implements most of the original features, including colour support, customized board and winning size, sound, save/restore unlimited number of games and game statistics, three levels of computer skill, human-to-human and self-play (demo) modes. Infra-red (remote) play is not supported.

Developed in Java using Nokia 9200 SDK v 2.1  and Symbian Quartz SDK v 6.1.

Current version is 1.0.1
Download  SIS demo package  Nokia 9200 Quartz
Purchase from HandAndGo® Nokia 9200 Quartz
Manual  (for both releases) HTML PDF

Screen shots

Click the following link for  screen shots

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Xr0w implementation on different platforms:

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J2ME MIDP (Siemens, Motorola, Nokia 6310 7650 etc)

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