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Software for Palm® and mobile phones

Our released software titles for Palm and mobile phones include:


Xr0w- a simple and challenging board game (Palm,  Handera 330,  J2ME, Symbian).

Motorola i85

Nokia 6310

Nokia 7650

Pive- Palm Internals ViEwer (Palm only).

Just Jigsaw- jigsaw puzzles (Palm,  Sony CLIE ® , Nokia 7650 / 3650).

iFrac- an easy to play 3D packing game (Palm, Nokia 7650).

Nokia Series 30

Nokia Series 40 preview
J2ME release (mobile phones)

T-LightZ  - develop your observation and concentration.

T-LightZ on Nokia7210 preview
TLightZ on Nokia 7210
TLightZ on Nokia 7650
TLightZ on Nokia 7650
TLightZ on Nokia 6310i
TLightZ on Nokia 6310i

TLightZ on Siemes M50
TLightZ on Siemns M50

My Linux/X11 software (in case you are curious):

wmalms   - a dockable / swallowed applet that  monitors sensor data:  temperature, voltage, fan speed
ifrac    (Intelligent FRAC) - an easy to play  3D packing game (can play itself).
sadp   (Sing Along Disc Player) - a cute CD player
itetris (Intelligent Tetris) - inplementation of Tetris classic (can play itself)

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