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A Hebrew Calendar application for JavaTM enabled mobile phones.

Current release is 1.1

Hebrew version is now available !

Series 60, English
 Series 60, English
 Series 40, Hebrew
 Series 40, Hebrew

Installation packages:

Current release English: (90K)
Current release Hebrew: (91K)

Original release (English only): (77K)
The packages includes:  

Molad.jad - Java Descriptor
Molad.jar - compiled classes
MoladManual.pdf - manual

Use Bluetooth / Infrared transmitter, cable, or modem to transfer  .jad  and .jar to your mobile  phone, then install the package if necessary. Consult your device manual for the details.

GRPS installation:
      Molad at Handango site

You can install Molad over GRPS from Handango®  site using the link above.


You can get a manual separately, or read it online using the following links:

PDF  zipped: (45K)
PDF  online:
HTML onliune:

Molad on the Web

An application package (Zip file) can be also downloaded from the following sites:

Handango (USA)
 English    Hebrew 
Smartsam (Germany)
Mobile2day (Germany) 

Source code:

The last, but certainly not least.  See manual for the details:

Molad library:
Moladlib-1.0.tar.gz (26K)
Molad text: (5.7K)
Created  06 Dec  2003,  Maintained by Michael Glickman