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T - LightZ

Develop your observation and concentration skills

For J2ME MIDP devices
 and Symbian OS (Nokia Series 60)


This game is extremely simple and very addictive as well:  watch the lights flashing and all you need is to notice the colour (position on a monochrome screen) of the last flashing light.  Since the number of flashes is random, you have to be concentrated all the time while the lights flash.

You can play with the computer, or invite your friend for a three-player game (two humans and the computer). The application allows to customize speed and some other parameters. It stores settings and total score.

The application used to be named T-Lights. The name was changed to avaid confusion with a game named Traffic Lights (TLights) by Alan Parr, that has nothing in common with this application.


The application is available in the following releases:

Generic release, designed to run on any J2ME MIDP devices, including ones with limited memory and/or screen size, like  Nokia 6310i, or Siemens M50.  Though colour support is not necessary, the game will automatically identify it and use colours if available. Because of memory limitation, generic release does not support some customized  rules .  

Extended version
for devices with screen size 80x80 or above, and at least 40KB or RAM for a MIDP suite. The list of compatible devices includes (and hopefully not limted to) Symbian OS release designed especially for Nokia Series 60, like Nokia 7650 and Nokia 3650


Click on an image to see animation

Preview Siemens S55
Preview Siemens M50 
Nokia 7210
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 7650 (symbian reelease)
Siemens S55
Siemens M50


FYI. This site does not support WAP.  To downlaod via  WAP  OTA,  visit  Handango or  Nokia Software Market .

All packages include manual in PDF format. You can also download manual separately.

Symbian release (For Nokia Series 60 ):
Generic J2ME:  (designed to suit any J2ME device):
MMApi:  (Mobile Media API compatible):
Siemens (wav support is an advantage):
Nokia Series 40 and recent Series 30 (50K+ for a midlet):
Nokia 6310i and other old Series 30 models:
Manual in PDF format

Online manual

To read the manual online,  click  here

Palmcrust page

This page and the product are supported by  Michael Glickman