A Hebrew Calendar application for JavaTM enabled mobile phones
Current release is 2.0

Molad 2 is a completely revised version with zmanim support.
Molad 2 is currently available only in English  

Molad 2.0 Siemens EL71, English
Molad 2.0 @ Siemens EL71
Molad 2.0 Motorola RAZR 3x, English
Molad 2.0 @ Motorola RAZR 3x

For more preview images refer to Molad Preview Page

Installation Packages:

Current releases (English):

Molad 2.0.2 Standard release: (294KB)
Molad 2.0.1 Legacy release: (290KB)
Legacy release is desiged for older devices without MIDP 2.0 or CLDC 1.1 support.

Older releases:

Molad 1.2 English: (91KB)
Molad1 1.2 Hebrew: (92KB)
Molad 1.1 English: (91KB)
Molad1 1.1 Hebrew: (92KB)
Original release (English only): (77KB)
The packages include:

Molad.jad - Java Descriptor
Molad.jar - compiled classes
MoladManual.pdf - manual
How to install

Use Bluetooth / Infrared transmitter to download JAR and JAD files to your mobile phone. Try something like Object Push / Inbox / Information Exchange. With some models you can also install a file transfered by File Transfer (FTP) or USB cable, but many don't support this installation for security reasons.install the package. Consult your device manual for the details.

If you have troubles, go to one of the sites listed in Molad on the Web section to download the application straight to your device through WAP.

Manual Online (2.0):      

You can get a manual separately, or read it online using the following links

Download Manual:
Read Manual Online:
MoladManual-2_0.pdf (219KB)

Molad on the Web

An application package (Zip file) can be also downloaded from the following sites:

  Standard Release    Legacy Release 
  Standard Release    Legacy Release 
  Standard Release   Legacy Release

Source code:

The last, but certainly not least.  See manual for the details:

Molad2 library: (81KB)
Molad library:
Moladlib-1.0.tar.gz (26KB)
Molad text:

Created  06 Dec  2003,  Maintained by Michael Glickman

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