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Yet another 
Palmcrust  product.

Draughts  Galore
Draught/Checkers  for  JavaTM  mobile  devices

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This appears to be the first attempt to create a serious draughts/checkers player to work on J2ME devices. Though very far from becoming a champion, it will challenge the majority of human players, and will nicely fit in your mobile phone !  A partner you always wanted during a long trip, or a boring conference.

The application implements  International, English/American (a.k.a. Straight), BrazilianPool, Spanish, Russian, and Thai draughts/checkers, and provides a variety of customised features, including give-away and blitz games. The application supports Wave, Tone, or MIDI  sound  depending on a device it is running on.

Application pages

Which device is the coolest ?
This is probably what you are really after ...
Online manual
HTML version of the manual coming with  the application

Draughts / checkers links

World Draughts Federation (FMJD) International Draughts official site. Events, links, hints ...
American Checkers Federation
Numerous commercial ads (some completely irrelevant), everything else is fine.
Russian Draughts Federation
Mainly (but not only) on Russian rules. Available in Russian (KOI-8, Win 1251) and English
Federazione Italiana Dama Italian Draughts Federation.A great site for Italian speakers:
rules, tutorials, tournaments, even download - but not what you would think of...
Jean-Bernard Alemanni's page   
Rules, computer programs, events, programming hints, and great computer programs from Jean-Bernard.
Hans Jetten's Dam A strong program for PalmOS and Microsoft Windows
Arthur H. Olsen's site 
Mainly focused on Pool Checkers, about others as well
A game of Kings and Soldiers
A short and quite accurate description of rules, numerous links
Thinks Java Checkers Play American Checkers online, select colour, chat with the computer
Un increible Juego de Damas Play Spanish Draughts online, and chat with your computer partner!
You always move first (red pieces), but the board is shown from computer's prospective (?)

Other Palmcrust games

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Palm,  J2ME (any device),
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An easy to play 3D packing game  
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Symbian (Nokia 3650, 7650, Communicator)
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Observe lights changing...
J2ME (any device),
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