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Software for Palm® and mobile phones

Our released software titles for Palm and mobile phones:

Montana Minus - a clone of
traditional solitaire game
J2ME (Nokia, and  generic)

XnX proview
X#X - Challenger ® cross-number
puzzle generator/solver
J2ME (Nokia, and  generic)

Draughts Galore - 7 variations
of draughts/checkers, all in one!
J2ME (Nokia, Motorola, generic)

TLightZ on Nokia 7650
TLightZ - watch lights flashing...
J2ME mobile (KJava)
Nokia 3650./ 7650 (Symbian OS)
Just Jigsaw Preview
Just Jigsaw - create a jigsaw puzzle
of your favourite image
Palm and Sony CLIE
Nokia 3650 / 7650

PiFrac Preview (Colour)
iFrac- an easy to play 3D packing game
Palm and Handera 330
 J2ME mobile (KJava)
Nokia 3650 / 7650,(Symbian OS)

Nokia Communicator
iFrac for Nokia Communicator (Symbian OS)

Xr0w for Palm
Xr0 w - a simple and challenging board game
Palm and Hanera 330
J2ME mobile (KJava)
  Nokia Communicator (PJava)

Pive preview 1
Pive - Palm internals viewer

XFig Preview
XFig - cross number puzzle generator

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